Hitler identified himself as a strict vegetarian. Hitler was a vegetarian because of his concern for animal suffering, noting that he was often distressed by images of animal cruelty and sufferings.

Hitler once said -“One thing I can predict to eaters of meat: the world of the future will be vegetarian."

In 1942, Hitler said, "The only thing of which I shall be incapable is to share the sheiks' mutton with them. I'm a vegetarian, and they must spare me from their meat."

Joseph Goebbels recorded the following in his diary-

An extended chapter of our talk was devoted by the Fuhrer to the vegetarian question. He believes more than ever that meat-eating is harmful to humanity. Of course he knows that during the war we cannot completely upset our food system. After the war, however, he intends to tackle this problem also. Maybe he is right. Certainly the arguments that he adduces in favor of his standpoint are very compelling.

 Goebbels also mentioned that Adolf Hitler planned to ban slaughterhouses in the German Reich after the world war two ended.

So Hitler was a vegetarian. But why did he become one?

Well, Maybe because he had some affinity towards animals. There are some laws initiated by him which shows that-

-In Nazi Germany, people who mistreated their pets could be sentenced to two years in jail. The Nazis banned docking the ears and tails of dogs without anesthesia.

-Hitler was also so obsessed with his Dog that the Fuhrer would allow Blondi to sleep in his bed, and kept her with him almost all the time from 1941 to 1945.

The conversations between Hitler and his inner circle which took place between July 1941 and November 1944, Hitler often talked about himself as a vegetarian.

hitler vegetarian
Hitler with Blondi

Was Hitler really a vegetarian?

Some people have often questioned Hitler's commitment to the vegetarian cause because the Nazi's banned vegetarian societies and the persecution of their leaders.

But the Nazi ban on Non-Nazi Organizations was so widespread that anything which is non-Nazi was simply banned.


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The Book 'In The Mind Of Adolf Hitler' by psychologist Walter C. Langer, the author quotes:

"If he (Hitler) does not eat meat, drink alcoholic beverages, or smoke, it is not due to the fact that he has some kind of inhibition or does it because he believes it will improve his health. He abstains from these because he is following the example of the great German, Richard Wagner, or because he has discovered that it increases his energy and endurance to such a degree that he can give much more of himself to the creation of the new German Reich."

The psychoanalyst Erich Fromm speculated that Hitler's vegetarianism was actually a means for him to atone the death of his half-niece Geli Raubal and a means to prove to others that he was simply incapable of killing.

Commercial animal trapping was banned and imposed severe restrictions were imposed on hunting .There even was a prohibition on boiling of lobsters and crabs. In one incident, A fisherman was sent to a concentration camp for cutting up a bait frog.


Some Evidence suggest that Hitler was also an Antivivisectionist   (An Antivivisectionist is the one who opposes the practice of performing operations on live animals for the purpose of experimentation or scientific research).

It is said that At social events, he sometimes gave graphic accounts of the slaughter of animals in an effort to make his dinner guests give up eating meat.


There could be another reason to why Hitler became a Vegetarian- Due to his poor health conditions. Mostly his doctors could have advised him to become a vegetarian.


There is a wide array of evidences which prove Hitler was a strict vegetarian throughout until his death in 1945.

But does him becoming a vegetarian and caring for animals make him any less cruel?


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