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Lost On History Blog was launched on April 2021.Though lost on history blog started as an Indian culture blog we soon realized that we need to convert our self from just being and Indian culture blog to a world history blog.

Since Lost On History Blog's Inception on April, Lost On History has seen a staggering amount of positive responses all around the globe.

Lost on history blog has over 10000+ Active Monthly readers mostly from USA, India and Canada.

Lost on history blog has articles of History niche, As we believe that Those Who Don't Know History are destined to repeat it.


Hence thinking of history is as important as looking ahead in the future, if not more.

If You are a new reader of Lost on history blog check out the Title links below and start reading!

TOP 5 Most Read Articles In Lost On History Blog-

Hitler's Death, Kathe Heusermann and Stalin



The Australian Irresponsibility [Weird Modern History #1]

The Most Cruel Nazi

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Is Lost On History an Indian Culture Blog?

Ans- Even though we started off as an Indian culture blog we felt that  world history blog would be better and we happily changed to it as a world history blog has more to offer than being stuck on merely being an Indian culture blog


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